Super simple CSS slideshowread article

December 28, 2015

by Thomas Jones

I’ve always used JQuery plugins when I needed an image slideshow for projects I’ve worked on, maybe you’re the same and I’m not here to persuade you to stop. It’s just that with CSS becoming more powerful, I got to thinking that maybe using JQuery for an image slideshow isn’t necessary. I’ve pretty much been trying to use CSS to take over other jobs that I once employed JQuery or Javascript for, so on my current project, which requires an image slideshow I decided I would try to build one powered only by CSS. View the live demo here:¬†Slideshow Demo […]

What’s the missing number?read article

December 4, 2015

by Thomas Jones

Today I decided it was a good day to sit down and play around with php (It’s not really sunny enough to hit the beach here on the sunny coast). I said to myself, Tom write a function that will tell you what number is missing from a sequence of numbers. So I did, and here it is for anyone to to use. I’ll talk you through the code step by step. Firstly you will want to set up an array which will hold your sequence of numbers. I called mine, quite simply, $numbers. $numbers = array(1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10); You’ll notice there […]

Web dev down underread article

November 3, 2015

by Thomas Jones

So I’ve been working as a freelance web developer in London for the last five years in my free time and it’s been great. I’ve been developing my skill set, constantly learning on and off projects. Building my portfolio with the aim of making a career change from my day job to full time web development. I started out with an idea for a personal project back in 2010, an idea to build a guitar tutor directory for tutors in London, the only problem was that I had a very basic grasp on html and css, something I briefly spent […]

Glory be to bootstrapread article

October 21, 2015

by Thomas Jones

Have you ever been invited to a party and were the last to arrive? Well that right there, pretty much sums up Bootstrap and I. I’ve been building websites for five years now and first started working on responsive websites about three, maybe four years ago. I remember first hearing about this new way to build websites, responsive web design and being brought great a project to work on where I could get my hands dirty with it. I researched all about grids, media queries, using percentages and em’s and thinking this is awesome. I still do think it’s awesome. […]

Clean code makes me happyread article

October 19, 2015

by Thomas Jones

Every developer has his or her own style and way of working, but if there is one thing we should all unite in, it is writing clean and tidy code. When I’m writing code I have a small obsession with how clean and tidy it looks. I know that the majority of people who look at my work won’t even look at the source code, but I know it’s there, and if there is an indentation out of place, it causes me problems. This obsession is not just confined to html files, no, my css, my php, everything must be […]

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