Goodbye WordPress 👋🏼

Hello NextJS, Vercel, Contentful

The winds of change have been in the air for a while, a few years to be honest. It's just I'm only just getting around to making some changes to my personal website/blog.

When I started working at Guerrilla Digital, we were using several CMS:

  • WordPress

  • Symphony

  • Sitecore

  • DNN

This was great. It gave me exposure to lots of different CMS' and how to work as a Frontend Engineer with them. But the Frontend landscape has changed a lot since then, and so has the CMS options.

Most projects we now work on are headless websites. That is a website decoupled from the CMS. The website is a separate frontend application that consumes the CMS data via its API.

When we first started taking this approach we used WordPress as the CMS, and consumed its data via the WordPress API. It was a great starting point, but it's not really ideal anymore.

We're starting to use new CMS' like Contentful that are built to have data consumed that way. Contentful makes its data available via a Rest API or GraphQL.

This means I'm working with WordPress less and less. So it seems like the right time to move this site to a new CMS. I have chosen Contentful. There are lots to choose from, but Contentful is the choice for me right now.

I'm using NextJS as the framework for my React Application.

This means I can also move from a traditional apache server to a serverless environment, and seeing as Vercel work on NextJS, that seemed like a good choice. Right now I'm loving it.

Deployments are so much easier and it comes with lots of great features.

So, the website is a little bare right now, but I just needed to make the change. Now I can slowly work on add new features and blogging more about the tech I work on, rather than, predominantly, about WordPress.